Yuji Kondo


YUJI KONDO / DUCEREY ADA NEXINO / STEVEN PORTER / 10 LABEL Yuji Kondo is a music producer, 1/2 of the Steven Porter and co-founder/director of the 10 Label imprint, currently based in the Kansai region of Japan. Solo activity since 2007. Kondo makes compositions using computer programs, and restructure various kinds of sounds on countless occasions in unconventional ways. His sound is a blend of electonic sounds and acoustic instruments, and the minimal and the complexities coexist there. He skillfully shifts the broken-down sounds to the music. His music works have been released from a lot of countries around the world. As solo projects, Kondo has released 'Faces Past LP' (10 Label, 2017), 'Radiate The Ocean From My Back EP' (Perc Trax, 2014), 'Cycles, Children and Islands EP' (Genesa Records, 2014), 'Kill Centre C24' (Sludge-Tapes, 2012) and many other works. He has also performed remixes for a large number of artists including Jimmy Edgar, Carlos Perón, Sawf, Svreca, DJ Skirt, Scalameriya and many more. His remix works on DJ Skirt's 'Tumulto' and Sawf's 'Menete' are most representative of his intense composition. London based online magazine Juno Plus described him as 'Japanese production behemoth'. Since 2009, Kondo has also recorded solo works under the Ducerey Ada Nexino alias. In addition to working as a solo artist, he has also collaborated with, among others, Katsunori Sawa (under the name of the Steven Porter a.k.a Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa), the free-improv music/art collective ENG from Tokyo. Besides his solo projects, he started an electronic music duo Steven Porter with Katsunori Sawa also known as EOC in 2009. They released the remix of Jimmy Edgar track “Sleight Of Mouth”on the Spanish record label Semantica Records in January 2010. Their first release 'LR EP' was published by the enigmatic German record label Weevil Neighbourhood in 2011 and German monthly electronic music magazine De:Bug called the record 'A Masterpiece'. In late 2013, DJ Nobu released a split single with the Steven Porter track 'Canadian Bellfield' on his own record label Bitta. In October 2010, Kondo and Sawa launched the 10 Label imprint based in Kyoto Japan. Their label has released the vinyl records with Matthew Herbert, Perc, Ancient Methods, Anne-James Chaton, Dalhous, Human Larvae, Sawlin, David Ferrua, Jonė Reed, Naweed Ahmed, LXC and many more. The first edition of the V.A. series 'Mu EP' has been sold out for 5 days in the distribution Kompakt in Germany. Kondo's first solo album 'Faces Past LP' was released as TEN005LP in March 2017.