Mogano is the moniker of the electronic music producer Marco Berardi.

Based in Berlin since 2012, his sonic work is developed around re-processing traditional musical instruments, soundscapes and doomy, polyrhythmical drums textures.

Exploring techno, ambient, experimental and bass music spectrum both as Dj and Live performer, his music has been hosted at Contort (NewCodes - Berlin Atonal), Flussi Media Art Festival (IT), Tresor Berlin, ATOM Festival (Ukraine), Saturnalia Macao (IT), Krake Festival (Berlin), Freqs Of Nature (DE), Spektrum - Art Science Community (DE), OHM Berlin, RoBOt Festival(IT) amongst many others.


Since 2013 he is also curator and co-owner of Arboretum, an imprint founded with the visual designer Andrea Familari/FAX.