Released on 27.64.2017s

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Tetsumasa - Obake EP

(incl. Ryo Murakami rmx)

Obake Ep is a circular journey within a constantly shape-morphing, ghostly and sub-oscillating environment crafted by Japanese musician Tetsumasa Okumura for Arboretum first release on Tape.


''Steeroll'' is the gate of such introspective dive, where ethereal voices slowly lead down into a crammed abyss of sub-frequencies and sharped snares.

By joining ''Mabolo'' and ''Kaidan'' the architecture starts surfacing even more, enlightening traces of roots-reggae Rotoms and solid kickdrum foundations until the ''Balot'' destination arrives.


''Ishiki'' in collaboration with Mogano, is a sort of subterranean Oasi where remote connections become possible, gushing from dubbing chains and the sound of an Egyptian Rabab.

''Steeroll'' remixed by Ryo Murakami is where the circle ends and comes back to the starting point. Finally all the shapes encountered so far get decomposed and spatially rearranged providing the chance to look back at the whole journey from different angles.