Released on 14.04.2015

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Mogano - Sycomore EP

(incl. Kerridge rmx)

Sycomore EP is a homage to the Tree of Life from ancient eastern civilizations. A hermetic symbol, which bestows outstanding meaning to time, space, energy, matter and life itself.


Opening track “Retama” portrays the beauty and fleeting nature of existence. Like a flower emerging from a desert's surface, the Dilruba rises above dissonant noises and a deep, dub background.


Thereafter, “Anunnaki” recounts Sumerian mythology, creating a conceptual reference to the story of the gods revealing reality to human kind. The beautifully brooding track features a suspended sitar contouring through a woodland of dynamic, textured grooves. Accompanied by an atmospheric remix by Samuel Kerridge, "Anunnaki (Kerridge Remix)" trips between haunting vocals, gritty textures and a baron, percussive scape. The record's narrative concludes with title track “Sycomore" - a dark, ritualistic flair, which derives inspiration from ancient North-African rhythms used in sacrifice and celebration. Sycomore is an ode to Egyptian mythology and it's reverence for the godly tree - Sycamore.


words: Sinead Meaney