Drøp - Vashundara EP

(incl. Dadub rmx)

Vasundhara EP flows across the edges of two orders, the Natural and the Human one, and their mutual cohabitation into the figure of the Shaman.


The journey starts with "Epileptic Heritage": the reminiscence of an ancient "holy disease" as primordial key to touch the invisible core of the nature, a spasmodic harmony led by a broken cadenza and distortions.


Leaving the Self and becoming part of the Whole.

"Erratic Rituals" portrays this moment of involving other beings into a state of consciousness through rituals: a collective mystical ecstasy of glitchs and percussive mantra.


"Vashundara", is the coming back to "the One who retain the treasures", the Mother-Earth, which everything belongs to. It is the laceration of the organic corners, a hole in the phenomenological existence that disclose a balanced instant where substance transcends its form to becomes spirit.


"Dadub Remix" refines this journey across visibile-invisibile dimensions, with a synaesthetical composition where rhythms, half-lights and deepness are the same thing.